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Next horse export will be:
Nästa hästexport blir:

LIEGE/BELGIUM      Next flights are 22.08.2018 and 29.08.2018 and then after that are there 1 to 2 flights every week throughout the year. (wednesdays and thursdays)

NORRKÖPING/SWEDEN    Next flights are probably in mid or late september
BILLUND/DENMARK         Next flight is only planed when enough horses are booked to Billund.

USA/NEW YORK Flight in september
Straight flight to New York if there are enough horses on the flight, otherwise they will fly first to Liege and then to New York

We also order transport from Liege to Kolding/Denmark and Malmö/Sweden, included 48 hours stop in stable there, it needs to be at least 10 horses total in every transport.

A new alternative in exporting horses to Scandinavia.
We now offer flight to Liege, Belgium where the horses will rest over night. From Liege, the horses are driven by truck to Kolding, Denmark or Malmö, Sweden, where the owners will pick them up. The horses can stay in Kolding or Malmö up to 48 hrs. We can book this service and when Icelandaircargo have a minimum of 10 horses to be exported to each place then it will be gone. The horses will be customs cleared in Liege, where the VAT is only 21%. The cost of this export service is the same as the direct flight to Norrköping and therefore allows us to reduce the waiting period. We however also continue to offer direct flights to Norrköping with minimum of 60 horses pr flight this fall. Export-Hestar

Vinsamlegast staðfestið bókanir á netfangið okkar: eða í síma 8965777
Please contact us at e-mail/telephone:  mobil: 00354- 8965777

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